Elizabeth Hutton MA 1903

Aileen Fyfe
Wednesday 6 April 2022

Elizabeth Peddie Steele Hutton (d.1906) was one of the first two women to graduate M.A. with Honours in History from St Andrews. She graduated in 1903.

In contrast to the youthful image of women students, Elizabeth Hutton was what we would now call a ‘mature’ student. She was a widow of uncertain age, from a family with strong scholarly interests. Her father, Peter Steele (1794-1871), had been a schoolmaster in Dalkeith, and later a classics lecturer at the Free Church training college in Edinburgh in the 1850s; her brother James (1836-1917) was a doctor and classical scholar who spent most of his later life in Rome and Florence; and her sister Anne was married to a classics teacher, and lived in St Andrews. Elizabeth Steele married David Hutton before 1871, and they lived in Liverpool; but he predeceased her. Perhaps she came to St Andrews to be with her sister, and that might be how she came to be one of the first St Andrews history graduates. She died in 1906 [and is mentioned on the monument to her father in the Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh]

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