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Lorna Walker in pink jacket

Lorna Walker

Lorna Walker studied History at St Andrews in the late 1940s, and returned in the 1960s as a lecturer in Medieval History and Warden of University Hall. She retired in 1991, and still lives in St Andrews. The following…

Drawing of Anne Wright

Anne Wright (c.1925-1981)

Anne Wright had a life-long connection to St Andrews. She was born here, the daughter of an academic; was educated here; and spent the last 15 years of her life as Warden of Hamilton Hall and lecturer in Modern…

Advertisement from the Times 1961, for the role of Warden of University Hall

Wardens as Historians

Women’s colleges and residences provided important job opportunities for early women academics. Unlike Cambridge, Oxford or London, St Andrews did not establish women-only colleges, but it did have women-only…