Elizabeth Menzies, PhD 1954

Aileen Fyfe
Monday 22 March 2021

Elizabeth Alexandra Menzies, MA 1949, PhD 1954

Elizabeth Menzies appears to have been the third woman to have been awarded a Ph.D. in History from St Andrews, receiving it in 1954 – a quarter of a century after the first two women PhDs – for a thesis entitled ‘A study of Anglo-Scottish relations, 1637–43‘. She was supervised by Sir Charles Ogilvie.

According to the career statement at the start of her thesis, Elizabeth Menzies took an Honours M.A. in History and English from St Andrews in 1949, and then began her research. In common with Edith MacQueen and Edith Thomson in the 1920s, she was supported by a Carnegie Research Scholarship.

She worked during 1952-53 as temporary lecturer in the Department of History, at University College, Dundee (then still part of the University of St Andrews), and the University Calendars reveal that she was still in that ‘temporary’ position in 1955-56.

We do not (yet) know what she did later in life.


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