Beyond the University

What did our women historians do outside, or beyond, the University? Writing books (of various sorts), giving lectures on the BBC or to local organisations, school-teaching, working in archives… We still have a lot to add to this section about how (or whether) our women graduates used their History beyond the University. If you are one of our graduates, and would like to share your story, please use the Contact Form to get in touch, or email us directly via

  • Early Graduates as Authors and Broadcasters: Annie M’Killiam and Rhoda Power

    Early Graduates as Authors and Broadcasters: Annie M’Killiam and Rhoda Power

    For those of the first women History graduates who hoped to use their historical learning in a career of some sort, there were relatively few options in the early twentieth century. There were very few jobs for women in universities, except in women’s colleges. Some went into school teaching (and sometimes, later, to university jobs).…

  • Women Students’ Alumni Associations

    One of the most fascinating findings from analysing the University Calendars of the 20th century was discovering the prevalence of women’s associations that existed for alumni of the University of St Andrews. In the 1935 calendar alone, there were 3 different alumni associations across the United Kingdom dedicated to bringing women graduates together for social…

  • Doris Ketelbey in the Gold Coast

    Doris Ketelbey in the Gold Coast

    One of the most fascinating periods of Doris Ketelbey’s life is the six months she spent working in the British occupied Gold Coast from 1950-1951. Ever a historian at heart, Ketelbey saved a large collection of letters and relevant paperwork from her time overseas and donated it to the University of St Andrews Library prior to her death. Most of the information in this blog…